Smart XMind Extensions

Set of add ons for XMind map mapping software to make you even more productive.

XMind Project

  • Calculates the time and cost for topics based on their children
  • Speeds up project effort estimation and management
  • Still alpha version
    - beta coming soon
  • Implement Getting Things Done with mind maps

XMind Summarizer

  • Summarize web pages and Wikipedia articles into instant XMind mind maps
  • Rapidly create XMind maps using the text mining and brainstorming power of summarization
  • Instantly see the most important topics and summaries

XMind is a free award winning mind mapping software

We are XMind Pro reseller!!!

  • for Poland and other countries
  • Invoices for companies (faktury VAT 23%)

XMind Sync for Outlook

  • Import and export mind map topics to Outlook
  • Keep them synchronized at all times transparently
  • Use categories to group mind map projects in Outlook
  • Implement Getting Things Done with mind maps

XMind Sync for online task systems

  • Google Tasks
  • Toodledo
  • Remember the Milk
  • Nozbe

Getting Things Done

Our product is specifically targeted to adopters of David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology.

For Mind-mappers

Our tool allows to export selected items
to MS Outlook and also import tasks from Outlook to XMind.

Life Management

XMind Sync joins the power of mind mapping with linear tasks management to provide efficient life management tool.